Your new running partner.

Trekz Titanium use bone conduction technology.

They send mini vibrations through your cheekbones, directly to your inner ear, leaving your ear canals open!

Engineered to deliver premium audio + awareness.

The unique open ear design allows you to hear your music and podcasts, while also allowing you to hear traffic and your running partner.

So long, sore ears and earpiece adjustments! With nothing covering or blocking your ears, Trekz Titanium will keep you comfortable all day long and stay in place.

Free your ears from fatigue and misfit earbuds.

Leave the wires behind.

Trekz Titanium sport a wireless wraparound titanium band that loops behind the neck and hooks over the ears. We cut the wires to offer a listening experience so unnoticeable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Power on, pair, tuck away your device, and be on your way. Trekz Titanium offer play/pause/skip, voice dial and volume adjustment at the touch of a button for control on-the-go.

You’re in control.

6 Hour Battery


Multipoint Pairing

Bluetooth 4.1

Available in four colors

Highly Rated

"Best part is that I no longer need to take an ear bud out to have a conversation, or hear traffic around me when I run or bike. The other thing I would say is that these are really comfortable..."

"I think this is an excellent product, and bone conduction, keeping your ears open, has so many safety advantages for athletes, weekend warriors and workers alike..."

Michelle  |  April 22, 2017

James  |  March 24, 2017

Available in the U.S. only.



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